On a recent trip to Colorado we decided to get there by going through the panhandle of Oklahoma from Interstate 40. It may take longer driving on secondary roads to your destination, but the surprises well make up for it. One of those surprises was in the town of Shattuck, Ok. It was the Shattuck Windmill Museum and Park, which has an incredible variety of antique windmills that used to be pumping water for homesteaders and ranchers before being moved to their present location. Each year, volunteers from around the country come and spend a week repairing any damage from the past year so that these treasures remain in operating shape for future visitors to see equipment that onced allowed people to settle parts of our country where water was hard to find. There is also a reconstructed homesteaders “Soddy” house at the location and helps show how many of the early settlers first lived. I would recommend anyone traveling close to the Oklahoma panhadle to take the time to visit this location, especially if you have children. This is an excellent teaching experience. The following is their website: WWW.ShattuckWindmillMuseum.org

I have photos from this location posted on my Shot Of Nature website, and I will be posting photos from other locations from this trip daily.

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The weather is getting cooler and we have had some rainfall. This had helped me to get away from the homestead and do a little hiking along the Ozark Highland Trail between Haw Creek and the Fairview Campground here in Arkansas. I hiked a couple of miles up the trail taking photos along the way and I have posted a few of the photos. The effects of our drought were noticable in the woods with very little underbrush and lots of fallen leaves from the trees trying to survive. With the cooler temps and the rainfall we received I am hoping that the plants will have time to come back before winter hits.

I will be heading to Louisiana in October to tour portions of the state, especially the coastal areas, to take as many photos that I can. I am also looking foward to sampling the food that this state is known for. I have never been to Louisiana before so if anyone has suggestions to what I should try to see or things to do, I would appreciate the info.

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The drought continues to be getting worse here in the Arkansas Ozarks which is causing most of nature to do a summertime hibernation. The trees are dropping their leaves trying to conserve the water they have access to and even the insects seem to be fewer. But there are some exceptions to that last statement. Finding subjects to photograph is more difficult, but I have been wandering the woods and will add photos as I take them. I will be adding more photos taken from previous times and locations while waiting for the weather to change.

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I am currently living in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains, but I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and have lived in various locations throughout the United States. Each of these locations have shown me that no matter where you go you are always surrounded by the natural beauty of the area.

On this website you will find the typical landscape photos of mountains, rivers, etc., but I also try to show aspects of nature that most people may not normally notice (Do you know what the face of a carpenter ant looks like? Go to the Macro Gallery to find out.) And some photos that are just for fun, like the TREE SPIRIT photo in the Odd Items Gallery (I used composites of my face for it). For the most part, I will just have a good time trying to peel back some of the hidden aspects of nature thru the photographs I take.

I try to give the correct names, in the descriptions,  to such things as the wildflowers, insects, etc. that are on this site by using internet searches  If I am mistaken and anyone wants to point out such things they are welcome to do so.

I hope that you enjoy the photos that are on this site. I will be adding new images on a regular basis, so come come back and check them out.

I am also very interested in any feedback that you have about this site, photos or anything that comes to mind. So send me a message and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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Thank you for being here.

George Simpkins